Name Price Description Size
Albino bicher 7.99 5" - 6"
Badis badis 7.99
Blue Daisy rice fish 10.99 VERY COOL little fish! From beauties are about an inch long and can usually be seen schooling together. They can be identified by their remarkable color pattern of a steel blue body (in males), highlighted with brilliant red stripes on its abdomen, pectoral fins and caudal fins. They also have striking, iridescent blue eyes.
Black kuhli loach 2.29
Tiger Datnoids 29.99 eating great! 4"
Black Ghost knife 12.99 3"
Purple spotted gudgeon 12.99 WILD extra large
Bumblebee goby 2.99 4/10.00
Kribensis 3.99
Sumadra goby, blue cobalt 9.99
Sumadra goby, red neon 8.99
Pencilfish 2.99 10/20.00 two varieties
Bala shark 2.99 4/10.00 small
Silver Arowana 24.99 4"
Silver Arowana 49.99 7"
Iridescent shark 2.49
African Leaf fish 9.99 Some informatin about this unusual fish!
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